Publisher Statement

Craig Kelman & Associates Ltd. (CK) is a contract publisher of print and digital publications for more than 100 professional associations throughout North America. For the past 25 years, CK has been proud to publish the Canadian Journal of Infection Control (CJIC) in association with Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada).

CK provides a comprehensive publishing service, which includes publication management, editorial support, graphic design, advertising sales, printing and distribution, as well as website design and management. For more than 40 years, CK has served industries and professions ranging from real estate, transportation, and insurance, to healthcare, engineering, and administration. The company’s team of specialists takes great pride in fulfilling the communication objectives of its partner associations.


With the primary goal of providing a comprehensive publishing service that reflects the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and efficiency, CK continually strives to elevate the print and digital editions of CJIC. This commitment to the highest standards reinforces IPAC Canada’s image, educational endeavours, and messaging to its members and industry leaders, ensuring that the Journal not only meets, but exceeds the organization’s objectives.

In furthering its quest for excellence, IPAC Canada continually strives to index CJIC with reputable bibliographic databases, journal aggregators, and scientific citation indexing services. To date, CJIC is indexed in Embase, CINAHL/EBSCO, ProQuest, CrossRef, the Eurasian Scientific Journal Index, and International Scientific Indexing.


CJIC is produced on a quarterly basis each calendar year. Production of each issue does not proceed until CJIC has verified with CK that each author publishing work in that issue has provided CJIC with a duly executed agreement granting permission for the publication of the author’s content. A formal Author Agreement is built into the Online Peer Review System. IPAC Canada retains full control of the editorial content in all issues of CJIC.

In addition to publishing print copies of the Journal, which are direct-mailed to IPAC Canada members and key stakeholders in the infection prevention and control profession, a dedicated CJIC website ( is maintained by CK to provide readers with a mobile-friendly version of each issue, which is uploaded in HTML, XML and PDF formats. The website also features an archive of past issues and technical articles, along with a comprehensive guide for prospective authors covering CJIC’s policies and criteria, editorial and peer review processes, author guidelines, an ethics and malpractice statement, copyright guidelines, usage and disclaimer information, a conflict-of-interest declaration, and other pertinent information. In addition, the website maintains an open link and easy access to CJIC’s Editorial Manager subscription in order to accommodate the online peer review process. CK continuously maintains this website, ensuring that it remains up to date – both functionally and visually.


In producing CJIC, CK uses recycled paper certified to meet the environmental and social standards of the Forest Stewardship Council®. Other environmentally sustainable processes used in the production of CJIC include computer-to-plate technology, which reduces the amount of chemistry required to create plates for the printing process; inks based in vegetable oil rather than resource-depleting petroleum; a solvent-recycling system that reduces solvent usage, handling and hazardous hauling; and an efficient recycling program for all printing plates and waste paper. This sustainable practice philosophy is enhanced within the pages of CJIC by utilizing highly visible reminders which encourage readers to actively reuse and recycle. Finally, in order to reduce its carbon footprint, CK utilizes a carbon offset program in conjunction with any travel the company undertakes related to its CJIC publishing responsibilities.


The on-site staff at CK consists of business managers, editors, writers, graphic designers, advertising sales representatives, print production specialists, direct-mail coordinators, and accounting personnel – all of whom possess years of hands-on publishing experience. The diversity of the CK team ensures that IPAC Canada receives the most comprehensive and professional publishing service possible – from conceptualization to delivery.