Advertising Policy

Revenue sources

The primary source of revenue for The Canadian Journal of Infection Control is paid advertising from companies that provide products and services to the profession. While the advertising must comply with standards of practice adhered to by IPAC Canada and its members, advertising published in The Journal does not imply endorsement by IPAC Canada.

Additional revenue sources include paid subscriptions to The Journal for access to current issue.

Prospecting for Journal advertisers Advertising in The Canadian Journal of Infection Control is sourced from IPAC Canada corporate members, sponsors and conference exhibitors, as well as from companies that market their products and services within the industry, but that do not have a past relationship with IPAC Canada. This is primarily accomplished via Google searches and accessing information related to similar industry-related associations and publications throughout North America and Europe.

All marketing efforts related to The Journal are targeted specifically at companies that provide products and services for the infection prevention and control profession. Every effort is made to ensure that the marketing is conducted professionally and unobtrusively in keeping with the standards of IPAC Canada. Credibility is vital.

Appropriate advertising

Prior to publishing each issue of The Journal, all advertisements to be placed in the issue are vetted by both the IPAC Canada Executive Director as well as The Journal’s Editor-in-Chief in an effort to ensure that standards and practices within the infection prevention and control profession are adhered to in text, images and graphics, which are included within the advertisements.

In an effort to promote fair and respectful competition, IPAC Canada stipulates that companies advertising in The Canadian Journal of Infection Control not disparage competitors’ products or services or make false or unsubstantiated claims about their own products or services. IPAC Canada has the right to refuse any advertising it deems unacceptable in this regard.

Advertising placement

In order to maintain the integrity and presentation of The Canadian Journal of Infection Control technical content, all advertising is positioned at the front and back of each issue. No advertisements are placed within the Journal’s technical content.