Peer Review Process

Type of Peer Review

CJIC utilizes double-blind peer review. Which requires authors to submit an anonymous version of their manuscript file such that the reviewers don’t know who the authors are.

Review Process

CJIC uses a rigorous system to assess the quality of a manuscript before it is published.

Our review process consists of 3 main steps; pre-review, peer review, editorial meeting and decision (offer of publication, subject to revision or rejection).

  • Pre-review is a critical step where the suitability of the manuscript for the journal is determined. The manuscript is thoroughly assessed by 2 editors in order to make the decision either to reject it without peer review or to request external reviewers. The criteria for a research article to be sent for peer-review are that the results seem novel, fascinating and that the findings have both immediate and far-reaching implications.
  • At least 2 expert reviewers are invited to review the manuscript and submit their comments within 28 days. The manuscript along with the reviewers' reports are reviewed at an editorial meeting.
  • A decision is arrived after the editorial meeting. This could be either an offer of publication, subject to revision or rejection.