Declaration of generative AI in scientific writing

CJIC adheres to the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), that aim at promoting transparency and ethical conduct in scientific research and publication.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in various fields including scientific research. Where authors use generative artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process, authors should only use these technologies to improve readability and language. Applying the technology should be done with human oversight and control, and authors should carefully review and edit the result, as AI can generate authoritative-sounding output that can be incorrect, incomplete or biased.

AI and AI-assisted technologies should not be listed as an author or co-author or be cited as an author. For example, Chatbots (such as ChatGPT) should not be listed as authors because they cannot be responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and originality of the work, and these responsibilities are required for authorship. Therefore, humans are responsible for any submitted material that included the use of AI-assisted technologies.

At submission, authors must disclose whether they used AI or AI-assisted technologies (such as Large Language Models [LLMs], chatbots, or image creators) in the production of their manuscript. A statement will appear in the published work. Please note that authors are ultimately responsible and accountable for the contents of the work.

Authors who use such technology should describe, in both the cover letter and the submitted work in the appropriate section if applicable, how they used it. For example, if AI was used for writing assistance, describe this in the acknowledgment section. If AI was used for data collection, analysis, or figure generation, authors should describe this use in the methods.

Authors must assert that there is no plagiarism in their manuscript, including in text and images produced by the AI as well as ensure there is appropriate attribution of all quoted material, including full citations.

Disclosure instructions
Authors must disclose the use of generative AI and AI-assisted technologies by adding a statement within their manuscript.

Statement: During the preparation of this work the author(s) used [NAME TOOL / SERVICE] in order to [REASON]. After using this tool/service, the author(s) reviewed and edited the content as needed and take(s) full responsibility for the content of the publication.

This declaration does not apply to the use of basic tools for checking grammar, spelling, references etc. If there is nothing to disclose, there is no need to add a statement.